At AKKA Karate USA, El Paso,Texas/Mexico we are always trying to look to the future for the on growing needs of self-defense for the public. The times for just one style or one means of self-defense are the times of the past. Our combined effort of years of study in different styles has allowed us to systemize what is the best possible way of a structured self-defense system. This includes stand up and ground fighting along with reflex, distancing and conditioning with two person forms.

KENPO is the main system taught at our karate schools. It is a self-defense system, which originated through Ed Parker. For a more thorough look at our system and its origination, please fill free to see our lineage link. The Kenpo system involves close in fighting such as encountered within self-defense, however, while still maintaining your standing position while fighting. Occasionally you would take the opponent to the ground within the fight, however choosing not to join him in a ground fight.

We also teach Chuan Fa Jui-jitsu. This is systematically taught throughout the Kenpo system. Even though this is not our main focus of study, we do feel that it is important to understand what to do if you should find yourself on the ground in a self-defense situation.

The two person forms of Kojosho Kempo are being taught, under the guidance of Grand Master Fred Absher from Albuquerque New Mexico. This system is designed to teach you practical self-defense through blocking, punching, kicking and grappling moves within the forms while practicing with a partner.