Ruben Alvarado

2301 E Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901 915-730-5765

Ruben Alvarado Jr.

Born and raised in beautiful El Paso, Texas and grew up in what is now the historical mission valley. My first encounter with martial arts was the movie “enter the dragon” with the late and legendary Bruce Lee. I’ve been obsessed with karate ever since. As long as I can remember I had one Uncle Jose Gutierrez from San Jose, Ca. That would come and visit every year for the holidays. While most of the grown-ups drank and had grown up discussion he would gather my cousins and I around and proceed to entertain us with great feats of speed, power, and accuracy. I thought it was the most incredible thing in the world, true magic. When I was 13 I was assaulted by a street gang and received a stab wound that took some stitches and a trip to the hospital. My mother who was raising my sister and me on her own thought it would be best if I spent my summer with my uncle and aunt in San Jose instead of getting in trouble here. That one summer changed my life. I learned a trade and self-defense and a different way of thinking. I continued to spend my summers in California to the age of 17-18 when my younger sister got pregnant I just stopped and stayed to help my family. After graduating from El Paso High I made a few errors in judgment which led me down a long and troubled road. After realizing that I had to grow up I followed my other passion and went to culinary arts school and became a chef thinking this would solve all my problems. It didn’t of course. All this time I occasionally practiced all I had learned from my uncle all of those years ago and saw that my youngest daughter showed great interest when I was practicing. One day I came across a sign that led to Sergio Uranga and in enrolling my daughter became instantly eager to start my KENPO education. The day came where Mr. Uranga could no longer be my instructor, feeling at a loss and not knowing who could be my Instructor I continued alone until I was ready and my teacher appeared. Enter AKKA KARATE USA AND MR. BAME. My first instructor was part of AKKA but through miscommunication I was left with the impression that I would not be a student of Mr. Bame. Desperate and thirsty for knowledge I contacted Mr. Bame and have been a student and instructor of my own school for 3 yrs. In that time I have reached the rank of #3 in my division in the NBL “national black belt league” and have had students reach up to #4 in their divisions. I have also trained and currently train the S.W.K.A H/W Champion and have had some success with coaching boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. I plan to continue on this path with Mr. Bame until the day I physically, or mentally can no longer train or teach. These studies have changed my mentality and have had a positive impact on all aspects of my life. Including the return to school for child development, absentee spouse, and children coping with divorce, anger management, cognitive thinking and an array of safety, sanitation, and health classes. I do not plan to have a huge school with hundreds of students, I do not plan to be popular, I do plan to be known for being the one you come to when you are serious about your martial arts education and want someone who is sincere and truly believes in what he is doing.