I began training in the kenpo system in 1991, after being bullied by older kids I was introduced to American Kenpo at six years old, so I may learn to defend myself. I was taught by Master Ed Bame, the principles techniques, and kata. After sixteen years of learning and progressing, I am now a fifth degree Black Belt. I have also trained as a kickboxer for eight months under the instruction of Mr. Bame and Fernando (Cool) Calleros. Apart from teaching at the karate school I am also a Mechanical Engineering.

Armando Rios Jr.
5th Degree Black Belt

Israel Renovato
4th  Degree Black Belt

started his training in AKKA at the age of twelve, and had no prior experience in the martial arts.   His parents signed him up because he was getting bullied to often and decided it was time to do something about it.  Shortly after a couple lessons he found the courage to stand up for himself, and low and behold it worked.  There was a feeling of satisfaction with the results and the impact martial arts had on his life so he decided to stay and further his education as a martial artist.   He learned his self-defense and kumite (fighting) skills solely through AKKA Karate USA which has helped him win first place in three separate organizational tournaments.  He has set and obtained his  goal of achieving his mastery of fourth degree black belt.  Israel has stated that there are a whole lot of other valuable benefits that you obtained through the martial arts.  He teaches the kindergarten classes and helps out with the older classes as well.  He stated that he has been doing this for right around three years now, and doesn’t seem to get tired of it.

Michael Nevarez
3rd  Degree Black Belt

From a very early age, Michael always had a fascination with the martial arts, particularly
with the humble discipline that seemed to come with it. A passion for traditional Japanese culture fueled his desire to study karate. He took immediately to the first opportunity he was presented; he began studying Kenpo Karate under Ivan Iñiguez, his then science teacher, in 2004 as part of an after school karate program he began to offer at their high school. Throughout high school, Michael helped to teach the younger students as the classes grew in size, and ultimately earned his first degree black belt under Mr. Iñiguez in May 2008.

Michael took a brief hiatus from karate to attend college, which included only a semester of aikido training and a few refresher lessons while visiting home during the summer. He then began studying under Ed Bame — Ivan’s former teacher — in early 2013. Later that year, Michael began teaching for Mr. Bame. He now holds his third degree black belt under Mr. Bame, and looks forward to his future with the karate school.

Outside of the karate school, Michael is responsible for the operation of the food testing microbiology laboratory at Azar Nut Company.



Samuel Sanchez
3rd  Degree Black Belt

Ever Since I could remember; I have always been amazed by martial arts. My parents always wanted my brother and I to become independent, and be able to take care of ourselves and not need anyone else to do it, this is a great start.  I started in Juarez around 4 years of age.

After moving to El Paso, Texas we looked for a new place, after having some difficulties in school.  Being smaller than everyone in class karate helped balance things out.  My brother and I had to take a break from karate due to our parents work.

Coming into my teens, I became rebellious. I refused to let anyone disrespect me in anyway. After getting in trouble by fighting in school and not reaching my full potential as a student in the martial arts, all I learned was to fight: I knew honor, but self-discipline and self-restraint was not fully developed. My parents decided to put me back in karate before it would be too late.

When I was 17 competition was the correct thing for me to let my frustrations out. Later self-restraint and self-discipline came out with multiple hours of hard work and training; and of course the correct guidance from my teachers was my foundation. Later on I became a Certified Black Belt Instructor. With this I learned how to handle public speaking, overcome peer pressure, and be able to keep a calm mind in tough times. Now I hope to help others do the same thing; and keep them physically active at the same time.

Marco Antonio Jacquez
1st Degree Black Belt

I was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in La Union, New Mexico. I attended New Mexico State University and received my Associates Degree in General Studies.

I am a karate instructor, as well as a student, at the AKKA Karate School. I began my martial arts training when I was 5 years old, then after years away from it, I began seriously training again when I was 20. Currently, I am a first degree black belt and I am training towards my 2nd degree black belt.  In addition, I am the custodian and maintenance man at AKKA Karate.

Martial arts has always been a passion of mine and I believe in its code of conduct and the discipline needed when training are of great benefit to everyone who decides to learn it.

In my spare time, I enjoy martial arts movies, Steven Seagal is a favorite of mine. I also lift weights, hang out with friends, read books, surf the web, and play video games. Plus, I enjoy all kinds of music (except for classical).

Thomas Sanderson
2nd Degree Junior Black Belt

I have had the pleasure of learning martial arts under Ed Bame since I was 4 years old. Up to this point I have obtained two junior black belts and am presently on the path to achieving my first adult black belt.  I am also an avid outdoorsman having completed numerous backpacking treks through the wilderness of Colorado.  Karate has always been a important part of my life and I thoroughly enjoy the constant challenges it presents, especially now that I am an instructor.