Ed Parker’s History & Tree

 Ed Parker (1931-1990) Ed Parker, a native of Hawaii and student of Master Chow, revised the traditional methods of coping with modern fighting situations and brought the art to mainland U.S.A. Master Parker developed the modern Kenpo style by analyzing combative predicaments from the viewpoints of the attacker, the defender, and the bystander or spectator. Through his observations, Master Parker disproved many theories and concepts that had previously been considered as combat effective. Ed Parker systematized and categorized all the basic Kenpo elements into a logical order of progress for step-by-step instruction. Master Parker placed the Kenpo basics into eight categories: stances, blocks, parries, punches, strikes, finger techniques, kicks, and foot maneuvers. Master Parker also divided the Kenpo system into three major divisions: basics (including forms), self-defense techniques, and sparring (tournament and street). This innovative restructuring made the martial arts much easier to learn, understand, and master [Corcoran, 1984]. A recognized first generation student of Master Parker was Thomas Connor. Ed Parker and Thomas Connor were the founders of the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

Edmund Parker’s Black Belt Tree

Ed Booze Fred Brewster Tommy Burks Dave Cardinas
Richard Carthew Rudy Castenada Ralph Castellanos Ralph Castro
Ron Chapél Tommy Chavies Stan Cholewinski David Cineceros
Judy Clapp Jim Clapp Harvey Clary Tony Cogliandro
Wayne Collier Dennis Conatser Tomás Connor Lincoln Conti
Phil Conti John Conway, Sr. John Conway, Jr. Robert Cook
Lonny Coots Albert Cornejo Mills Crenshaw Paul Dalton
Jim Demeke Joe Dimmick  George Downs Brian Duffy
Tom Dunne Bob Eisele Larry Elkins Gary Ellis
Jeff English Sam Estrada Jack Farr Russ Feinman
Refugio Flores Jesus Flores Rick Flores Steve Fox
Jim Furuya Tom Garriga Robert Gemmell David German
Robert Gioia Steve Golden Dave Gonzales Keith Gorham
Tom Gow Jim Grunwald Skip Hancock Melvin Harris
Larry Hartsell Bryan Hawkins Steve Hearring David Hebler
Hans Hesselmann Gilbert W. Hibben Vern Holleman Tom Howard
Rick Hughes Harry Hutchings James Ibrao Dan Inosanto
Arnie Inouye Thamas Kelly Chris Krivonak John LaTourette
Stephen LaBounty Dan Laxson Jerry Leichtman Graham Lelliott
Vic LeRoux Robert Liles Scott Loring Roy MacDonald
Randy Margeson Leonard Mau Craig W. McCoy Douglas McLeod
John McSweeney Roger Meadows Jerry Meyers Paul Mills
Jim Mitchell Robert Mitchell Jorge Montanez Rich Montgomery
Frank Mulrine Calvin Nall Ray Nehder Roy Nishita
Jack Oyler Joe Palanzo Norm Pattiz Sterling Peacock
George Pegelow Robert Perry Arturo Petit Michael Pick
Richard “Huk” Planas Dave Powell Elvis Presley Paul Psik
Manny Reyes Tom Riskas Dan Rodarte Richard Roper
Sandy Sandavol Steve Sanders Tony Sartor Rainer Schulte
Keith See John Sepulveda Howard Silva Steve Snelson
Louie Solis Deon Steckling Herb Steet Richard Stelle
Willie Steele Fred Stille Brian Strain Randy Streeter
Chuck Sullivan Ed Tabian Dian Tanaka Ming Tang
Larry Tatum Ray Tillery Al Tracy Jim Tracy
Frank Trejo Jim Trevino Tino Tuiolosega Gilbert Velez
George Waite Dale Walker Steve Walker Lee Wedlake, Jr.
Craig Weidell Ed Wenke Jack White Robert White
Roscoe White Jay T. Will Ron Wilstein