James Wing Woo

James Wing Woo (1922 – Present) During the early 1960’s Ed Parker collaborated with several Chinese Kung Fu masters, one of which was James “Jimmy” Wing Woo.  Woo was a young Chinese-American Kung Fu master who worked closely with Ed Parker.  According to multiple sources, he helped Mr. Parker teach the advanced students for a time during their partnership.  It is said, but cannot be confirmed, that Mr. Woo helped Ed Parker in the creating of Forms 1 through 4, short and long included.  At the minimum, Mr. Woo is responsible for bringing Bookset (Panther Set), and Tiger and Crane into our system, which at one time were the only forms that were taught before the introduction of the numbered forms.  Mr. Woo can also be considered one of the sources of many of the Chinese elements present within the Kenpo system.