Ed Bame’s Bio


Ed Bame (1951-Present) – Mr. Bame began his martial arts training at the age of 15 years old in the Rembukai Karate Club, Stockton, California.  Mr. Bame Studied Rembukai Karate under the direct tutelage of Gordon Kennedy and Ron Marchini. Rembukai is a hard-style form of Japanese Karate based on the martial techniques utilized in full contact tournament fighting and competition.  The Rembukai System is a conglomeration of elements from the different Japanese and Okinawan-Te styles (Shotakan, Kyukushin, etc.). Although Mr. Bame’s training in the Rembukai was a relatively short one,

elements of the Rembukai system can still be seen in his movements and teachings (deep stances, power generation, emphasis on form, physical training, etc.).


 In 1974, Mr. Bame moved to Amarillo, Texas to begin his training in American Kenpo at the local Amarillo Kenpo Karate Academy.  Mr. Bame studied under Mr. Phil Hower a student of both Master Tom Connor and Master Bill Packer.  During his three years of training in Amarillo, Texas Mr. Bame developed an insatiable hunger for tournament competition and full contact fighting.  He would study and train for competition with such notables as Demetrias Havanas and Billy Jackson, from the Dallas, Fort Worth area.  In 1976, Mr, Bame began studying Kenpo under Master Bill Packer at the headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  By 1977, Mr. Bame moved to Albuquerque to better continue his training and begin a career in professional kickboxing.  A very successful career in kickboxing earned Mr. Bame the rating of 10th in the world by the World Kickboxing Association Federation (W.K.A.) and a chance to fight in some of the most famous fighting locations in the world (Tijuana Mexico, Oklahoma City, Denver, and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas).  His extensive fighting experience and proven training methods are evident through his successful tournament and full-contact fighters.  In 1981, Mr. Bame sustain a knee injury which made it evident for retirement from the ring.  About the same time there was a job opening in Phoenix, Arizona with Traco International organization at a school which Master Packer was also a partner.  Mr. Bame decided to further his martial arts training by excepting the job position of management and instructor at the once home office of his own instructor Master Packer in Glendale, Arizona.  For the next 3 years Mr. Bame would learn the business and management part of running a martial arts school from Master Connor.  This time would also allow him to take instruction with Master Connor’s son Tomas Connor II who had spent most of his adolescent life competing in Amateur Boxing in the greater Phoenix area, and earned himself (Tomas Connor II) wins in golden gloves, copper gloves, silver gloves, regional championships, and many other competitions in his perspective weight class.  In 1984, Mr. Bame returned once again to Albuquerque New Mexico however, this time in pursuit of his own martial arts school through the guidance of Master Packer.  Eventually, after owning and operating many different AKKA Karate USA schools.  In 1987, Mr Bame relocated to El Paso, Texas, were he now owns and operates his own martial arts school with the help of his long time companion and now wife, Martha Tovar.  The school is located at 6180 Doniphan Drive Unit B-2.

   In June of 2005 Mr. Bame tested for his seventh degree black belt along with Phil Gilbert in Albuquerque New Mexico, thus sharing the highest rank in the organization tested by Master Packer prior to his passing.  At present, Mr. Bame is furthering his education with Grand Master Fred Absher in the Kojosho system of Kempo, in Tijeras, New Mexico.  Mr. Bame oversees the operation, training, and guidance of the AKKA schools located in El Paso, Texas and Cd. Juarez, Mexico.